Monday, March 28, 2011

Wrestling Legends to Attend PWHF-X

The PWHF is pleased to welcome the following wrestling legends who will be joining us for the PWHF-X Induction. Don't miss your chance to meet and greet these stars on Induction Weekend.

Rob Van Dam,
Mick Foley,
Jeff Jerret,
Tommy Dreamer,
Road Warrior Animal,
Paul Ellering,
J.J. Dillon,
Doink Ray Apollo,
Ivan Koloff,
Billy Robinson,
Nick Bockwinkel,
The Destroyer,
Dominic DeNucci,
Mae Young,
Donna Christenello,
Larry Sharpe,
Little Tokyo,
Piston Pete Sanchez,
Irish Davey O'Hannon,
Hillbilly Luke,
Dan Hodge,
Referee Dick Whoerle,
Paul Vachon,
Bugsy Mc Graw,
Joyce Grable,
Mark Lewin,
Somoa Joe,
Mr. Anderson,
Mickie James,
Matt Morgan,
Pope D'Angelo Dinero


  1. How is "Balk" Estes not in the PWHF??? What do we have to do to get his career acknowledge by the PWHF?

  2. how to get tickets