Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog: Tough Guys Cry

The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is so much more than an induction weekend. The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is so much more than an organization that gives beautiful rings to former Super Stars and Wrestling Legends. The PWHF also honors those who built the Superstars.

Where the rubber really hits the concrete at the PWHF is in the Museum. Men that worked hard in the ring and sacrificed their sweat and blood to create a sporting illusion for their loyal fan base are remembered at the PWHF. When many of these warriors of years gone by see their displays for the first time tears flow. These Tough Guys are overwhelmed with emotion and memories of the past.

George The Animal Steele


  1. the beauty of this Hall of Fame is that Steele is right, it is an emotional experience for those that entertained us all for most of our childhood...be it a superstar or those that made the superstar...all of that is captured in the Hall of Fame and we invite you all to enjoy that expierience the next time you visit the Adirondack region...

  2. The PWHF is a place where the men of the ring blend in with the fans of the ring. Both wrestlers and fans have a true blast from the past.